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Theory about the Fab Fairies

Miitopia is a Pretty Bare-Bones game, so i'm going to add a bit more dark to it. This is my fan theory about how the Fab Fairies are actually evil. There is even some proof with why the Green-Eyed Lady is so Jealous at them and stuff

Those Fairies act good against the Hero, but that's mainly because they sense his power, and don't want to get a whipping from it. They are not a part of the Dark Lord, however they can still be evil. And perhaps the only reason why the Youngest does quest is for something sweet to munch on, and knowing the hero's great power, she asks him to help her.

(Also, interestingly enough, they don't have wands. Not sure why, but don't fairies generally have wands in some myths?)

Other than the first time you meet the Retreat, One of the fairies always protects the retreat. This is probably to keep the Elves Brainwashed from their magic.

Now, here is a bit of past stuff to add in the evilness.

Perhaps the Green-Eyed Lady was once popular before the Fairies invaded. She was the only one to not get brainwashed by them, and hates them because of that, and Jealousy too.

Even in Mythology, Fairies are depicted as Wicked Creatures and they decept humans and bind them into servitude for the rest of their lives. It is the Realm of the Fey after all. Perhaps they do the same to Elves.

Also, the Realm of the Fey might've even had previous creatures in it, like Fairies, Brownies, Pixies, and more. And I'm curious; what happened to those Fey? Maybe the Fab Fairies are much darker than we think. Perhaps they are actually murderers and killed off the other fey, and all they have left are the Elves, slowly killing them too.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Now, you might question "The Middle Fab Fairy would never do that!", but what if I told you that The Middle Fab Fairy maybe pretends to be nice and Pacifist (Or maybe she has to do it because of her sister)? Heck, maybe ALL 3 Fairies are hiding their true personality.

Now, you won't be thinking the "Fab" Fairies the same way again.

Also, is it just me or is the Prince from a Nearby Land's Mom is dead?

Do you think my theory is true?

Is this Theory true?
  • No! The Fab Fairies will never do that!
  • Yes, those Elves will be avenged soon enough!
  • Not Sure.
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I do art requests, if you want me to draw something for your fanon(Or in general!) ask me! here's some examples of my art, if you wanna check them out first!

Stormgraysheep99/Storm's Art Miitopia Fanon Wiki
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• 1/8/2019
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• 1/8/2019


I have an head ache

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• 12/24/2018


Once im done making MTTDL i will make other fanons all of these on the poll are ideas that i have and would hate if stolen. Now heres an poll for the order of the fanons i should do

Vote for what you think i should do first
  • Miitopia monster sim
  • Dlc for Mttdl
  • Miitopia neksdor aventure
  • Miitopia the unknown realms
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• 11/27/2018

What if every Fanon was combined into one?

Comment what ya'll think! Note that this is no teaser for some new game, it's just a good ol' what-if. But anyways, try to ring about a plot for the following:

Fab Fairy Frolic

Miitopia: Harsh Edition

Miitopia (Maskaloop Version)

Miitopia: Tantamount Version (All 4 games)

Miitopia: Fiend's Call

Miitopia II

Cosmic Duels

Miitopia: Frenemy Version

Monster Arena

Mysteries of the Cave

Ghasttopia (Both Versions)


Miitopia (Fanofkinopio version)

Traveler's Bounty


Miitopia Insanity

Just going to tell ya, THAT'S A SPICY-A-MEATBALL-A! Combining 20 games sure is going to be Hard, indeed.

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• 11/15/2018

UMN News, and Another New Game

Hello fellows, this is CrazyMew37! I'm sorry to say this, but I am also dropping the Ultimate Mii night Project, too. The reason why is 1: It will be too much work making 60 characters with their own rules and stuff, 2: It was a rip-off of UCN (Ultimate Custom Night by Scott Cawthon), honestly, and 3: I just am not willing to do it.

But...don't be disappointed just yet. I'll be making a game in the near-future! it will be Miitopia Insanity, a game where it does not only extend Miitopia, but also adds lore to the asteroid that hit Miitopia in Maskaloop Version, and it will also be slightly focusing on Goldie! Not only that, it will have new Monsters, and Minigames!

Anyhow, what do you think of the 2 new games? Do you like them? Tell me what ya think!

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• 11/13/2018

A Story for Maskaloop Version

Hello guys! I made a story based off of Miitopia (Maskaloop Verison)! Here is the link if you want to read it. Just note it's far from finished, so yea.


Miitopia: The Written Novel (NYN #2)
Miitopia: The Written Novel (NYN #2) Google Docs
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• 11/2/2018

A New Game (Part 2)

Hey, guys! I just wanted to tell you that i'm still going to work on this project. Jewelraffe is on a hiatus rn, so that is why it's taking so long for the game. (And also mainly because i've been waiting for him)

Anyhow, i'd like to present you what characters are coming into the game!



*Default Mii (Male)

*Default Mii (Female)

(Tomodachi Life)

*The First Islander



*News Man

*Blockhead Worker

*Baby Mii

*QR Code



*Partner 1

*Partner 2

*Partner 3

*The King

*The Princess

*The Nobel

*The Prince

*The Genie

*Fab Fairies


*Worried Explorer and the Scholarly Pioneer

*Great Sage

*The Reborn Mii

*Green-Eyed Lady (She had to be in it, MAKING HER IMPORTAINT!)

(Streetpass Mii Plaza)

*Dark Emporer

*Ultimate Ghost

*Gold Bone

*Captain (From Mii Force)

*Mr. Mendel



*Iris Archwell







*Miitomo User



*Mii Brawler

*Mii Gunner

*Mii Swordfighter

(Nintendo Land)



*Mii Driver (Mario Kart)


*Nikki (Swapnote)

*Dragon (Miitopia)

*Batter (Wii Sports)

*Face Craze (Mii Maker)


*Dark Lord/Darker Lord (The Dee-Dee of this game)

*Mii Title

*Roving Photographer

*Roaming Gourmet



*Pop Star

*Puzzle Piece




Anyhow, I need help making rules for these guys. Tell me some suggestions in the comments below! See ya!

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• 10/29/2018

A New Fanon Wiki!

Hi! I'm just telling you guys that I made a new wiki! (Even though I made it a few months ago) It is (drumroll please)... Wii Sports Fanon Wiki!!! (Even though you can do anything to the Wii Sports, Pilotwings, Go Vacation and Wii Fit games) Anyway, I hope you visit!

Wii Sports Fanon Wiki @getfandom
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• 10/1/2018

A New Wiki!

Hey guys, i'm just telling yall I made a new Wiki! You can look at it here. (Note: It's not done yet, so it's kinda in beta right now.)


Maskaloop Wiki @getfandom
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• 9/20/2018

A New Game

Hi there, it's me CrazyMew37.

So after I'm done, i'll be making a game called Ultimate Mii Night (based off of Ultimate Custom Night)! So, the game-play is pretty simple; you just try to fend yourself off of Miis and other stuff. There are 60-61 characters in total, including secret and special characters.

Oh yea btw i'm dropping the Mii Dormitabis idea. But anyways, tell me what you guys think! Also, the characters in this game aren't just going to be from Miitopia, it's going to be from all kinds of Mii games, like Tomodachi Life, Miitomo, Nintendo Land, etc.
Opinion for Ultimate Mii Night
  • Cool
  • Noice
  • Meh
  • Boo
  • Goblin
  • k
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• 8/12/2018


Hi do you like Miitopia
  • Yes
  • No
  • A what now?
  • Don't even ask about it
  • Lol you were the one that stole my cookies theif
  • click
  • don't click
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• 8/12/2018
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• 7/4/2018

Ask Pop Star, Cat and Princess!

(Joke thread. Like the name suggests, ask these three Jobs whatever you want. But no NSFW)
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• 6/30/2018

I need ideas for a title

Please let me know. ;-;
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• 5/17/2018

Please help I need ideas.

What should it be?
  • Yellow Frog
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• 2/20/2018
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• 12/9/2017

I need Ideas!

Helping me get Ideas
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