The Artist is a new job that specializes in magic-based attacks and using the power of teammates to their advantage.

  • Their preferred weapons are Brushes, which attack a single enemy only. They boost both attack and magic, though magic more so than attack.
  • Their preferred equipment is called Smocks.


Stats Level 1 Level 50 Level 50 w/ max grub and max armor
HP 6 157 256
MP 9 196 295
Attack 3 9 128
Magic 8 64 300
Defense 5 25 164
Speed 7 107 206


Skill Learned at MP Cost Description Extra Notes
Paint Ball Level 3 4 "Splatter an enemy with mystical paint." (magic) Basic magic attack. Has a 10% chance of poisoning the target.
Musing Level 7 6 "Take a moment to find inspiration for your next move." Works like the Cat's 'Sharpen Claws' skill, boosting the effects of all damage dealt the next turn.
Paint Bomb Level 12 16 "Douse an enemy and those beside them with paint." (magic) Attacks the targeted enemy and any adjacent enemies. Has a 25% chance of poisoning those hit.
Brush Off Level 18 4 "Deflect magic with a well-placed brush swipe." (auto) Returns enemy magic back to the caster. Only works on single-target magic. Can activate on an ally, in which case it raises friendship with the Mii shielded.
Copycat Level 21 12 "Copy a random technique from a friend." Can only copy skills from teammates currently in the party. Not all skills cannot be copied.
Paint Cascade Level 27 24 "Deluge the battlefield with a torrent of paint." (magic) Strikes all enemies and has a 50% chance of poisoning all of them.
Drawn to Life Level 30 50 "Use the likeness of a distant friend to fight by your side." Summons a random Mii at the Inn to fight as a guest party member. A Mii summoned this way can't use personality quirks or gain/give relationship boosts, but also can't be harmed, cause quarrels or run out of MP. If there's already a guest party member in the group, this skill will always fail. It will also fail if all Miis at the Inn are sick. The summoned Mii disappears if the Artist is knocked out.