Banshees are enemies in Fab Fairy Frolic.

One first appears as the boss of Smelling Citrus!.

They levitate making the tricky to hit and their crying effect can get in the way of your attacks.


Banshees are floating blue female spirits with a beige jumpsuit. Their back is stitched.


  • Banshees levitate in midair and float near the fairies, backing off to use an attack.
  • They can cry and send tears flying. If they hit a fairy, they start crying uncontrollably and land, covering their eyes for 3 seconds.
  • They can also whip with their hair, which has surprisingly long range. When half-dead, it can whip twice or thrice in a row, the third being overhead.
  • They can also float into the background and cry two streams of tears. These also cause crying and damage.

Their common drop is the Banshee Tears (always dropped by the boss) and has an uncommon chance of dropping a Banshee Years ★.

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