• Princess-Hime

    A question!

    July 17, 2018 by Princess-Hime

    What happens if you want to create a fanon, but say, it's just mainly based on stupid jokes you make during the run, but there isn't that much change to the main story?

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  • CrazyMew37

    Update on Hiatus

    June 27, 2018 by CrazyMew37

    Hello, it's me again. You may think i'm saying that I am coming back, but that is a far shot you've guessed indeed. You see, i'll be leaving Wikia, or at least have my hiatus be WAY longer than a couple of months. It just all depends on things that have been happening to me.

    Just note that I'm making a concept about a Miitopia horror game heavily based off of the FNAF fan game Dormitabis, but I wont be adding it here any time soon. But for now, farewell.

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  • Mylesdx


    June 6, 2018 by Mylesdx

    i am new to this wiki. i don't own the game, but i do watch videos of it.

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  • CrazyMew37

    Hello there.

    Currently, i'm in a very long hiatus that could last a few months. :(

    But I hope that I can return soon! :D

    But for now, see you guys later.

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  • MasterCheifKelly

    This evil queen of dark lord is Dark lord's Girl Friend she might be cranky and selfcontent when dark lord trys to shove her.

    she has black hair and light purple scarf and face helds a evil curse wand and dimond growing behind her.

    Kelly(Warror): *standing* .... Dark lord's queen: well you can't make a sene alright time to steal all peoples faces but first i got to remove mines.

    • regain my face back*

    Kelly kind warrior: [my war cry} i kill, i slay. i am back well time to pay the mii and sage a warm welcome but first... *pushes her to the closet and locks it* now then time to join the party! Mean while the miis Abdallah the mage, Sapphy the popstar and KwingLP as a imp and great sage Kathin looked worried kelly the player was here! Abdallah,Sapp…

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  • MasterCheifKelly

    So at the 2nd tower my warrior player was worried but a sudden surprise from my 3 teammates named: Abdallah, KwingLP and my sister Kate heres a story while we was at the second tower.

    Kelly: Buh? who turn off the lights?

    • i go to the right*

    Kelly: Were did everyone go?

    • then turn on the lights three charaters suprised Me*

    KwingLP: *jumping with the other 3* Happy birthday!

    Abdallah and Kate: *also jumping as cofetti fell to us* Yay!

    KwingLP: *holds the birthday cake and gives it to me* Heres a present from all of us!

    Kelly: Aww! Thanks!

    • I got the birthday cake*

    Kelly: Wow. Is it today?

    Kate: *grins* it sure is happy birthday sis.

    Abdallah: How does it feel sence your 1 year older than your sister but younger than us?

    Kelly: umm... It's very cool.


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  • MasterCheifKelly

    Ramsay is a Air-headed chef which kelly reation ship status is 3 were getting close to 4! here when he learn home cooking and level up to 5!  im so proud of him i stared crying. after i was their first to level up!

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  • MasterCheifKelly
    • doorbell rings*

    Me: Oh?

    guardian: ho-ho it looks like a new team member wants to join your party looks like more than 10 people. that's good for you.

    Me: Wait! you mean there more than 10 miis?

    Guardian: oh yes!

    then Zilley was here!

    Zilley: Nice to meet you i am Zilley, i am a vampire! i just want to join your party because iam the smallest one and the smeetest one!

    Me: Nice to meet you!

    i just added her to my team and i got a extra inn for my new member!

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  • MasterCheifKelly

    Rest in peace tommy i know my team mate is very well i lost one of my stronget realtion ship boy mage named Tommy!

    we was fighting the dark sun but tommy was protecting me but tommy didn't survive well.

    Energentic Mage Tommy: Hmph.

    Kind Warrior Kelly: Tommy! *sobbs* Oh tommy you saved me but you did this for me! *crys* Why cant it be me?!? Oh Tommy my second strongest reatonship why it has to be you!

    LayBack Imp KwingLP: Kelly... huh?

    Kind warrior Kelly: *agerly* You'll pay for this!

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  • MasterCheifKelly

    Me and KwingLP's relationship level is at 20 man he and i had a strong one but even though were in the different levels but we still love each other!

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  • MasterCheifKelly

    Hey you never guess what i just found a Silver snurp! it was the first time ever to find it.

    If your wodering where it was is at the place with lilly pads! thats where i found it!

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  • CrazyMew37

    OK! I'm planning to start a new thing for one of my and Jewel's fanons, Fab Fairy Frolic! It's known as the Middle Fab Fairy Roast Counter! Here, I'll post how many times Youngest FF has roasted Middle FF! So yeah, expect a lot of updates for this!

    Stars will mean that Eldest FF has roasted Middle FF.


    1. Youngest FF talks about Middle FF's "Bad Hair Day" while she didn't really look THAT bad.
    2. Eldest FF tells Middle FF to be wary, while she really is.*
    3. Youngest FF says that Middle FF's fragrance smells like a Hobgoblin, while it really smells like a Rose.
    4. Middle FF thought the Ecosystem was beautiful until Youngest FF said "That will not hesitate to eat us.", causing Midddle FF to frown.
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  • Fanofkinopio

    Discord Server

    March 18, 2018 by Fanofkinopio

    Join the Miitopia Fanon Wiki Discord Server!


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  • RholanT33


    March 9, 2018 by RholanT33
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    I decided to add my bosses here as I have NO intention of releasing a fan game of some sort. So I'll just say one of my bosses of an area I made called Olimpas. This boss is the end boss of it. BTW I'm VERY new to this wiki.

    Zoos (the boss) (looks like Zeus riding on a cloud) Before battle quotes Mii 1: Hey, Scared Demigod (Mii) said that the king was in this area. But I don't see anyone. Mii 3:I know right? Mii 4: he's probably just hiding from us. Zoos:Me? Hide? Hahaha! That's a good joke. Mii 2: AHHH! Zoos: It is I! Zoos Mii 3:I thought it was Zeus. BATTLE Attacks Wind: shoots a wind that damages one random party member. Lightning: shoots out 4 lightning that does random damage. It does the most damage to the main character down to the 4t…

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  • Jewelraffe

    Monster Vs. Battles

    March 2, 2018 by Jewelraffe

    Here's a fun little thing I decided to offer as a little fun thing to do (and totally not inspired by JakeyMan's Monster Arena (pls i need moar jaek Dx)) while we're not fanon-ing;

    Vs. Battles!

    Two (or more?) monsters are pitted against each-other and the poster (or a staff member ;P) analyzes and sees who would win in a battle. The Random Page button is useful if you can't think of any monsters.

    An example would be say...

    The Rokkusuta vs three Healing Swords.
    • + The Rokkusuta always goes first, Excite Tune will ruin the swords' only way to attack and Way out of Tune hits all enemies.
    • - The Rokkusuta's Riffs do nothing and it only attacks once against three enemies.
    • + The Healing Swords will assist each-other, keeping their health topped up nicel…
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  • Jewelraffe

    Mii Parts Cornucopia

    February 3, 2018 by Jewelraffe

    Welp, this here has just eliminated my need to rip Mii parts off of pics of Miis. Some recolors and boom.

    I wanted to share these babies as it's now an easy source of Mii bits for you image editors.

    If there's a better source of these, let us know :D

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  • Backupalt


    January 10, 2018 by Backupalt

    what should i make

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  • Fanofkinopio


    January 10, 2018 by Fanofkinopio

    This wiki only has one bureaucrat, and a good community has more than one. It was kinda hard to see what happened to the wiki while I was away, and I'm glad this wiki has 'stayed' alive while I was gone.

    But with the lack of a leader, something horribly wrong may have happened, which thank goodness nothing did :P.

    So today I have decided that Jewelraffe will be invited to the small(est) group of staff.

    A very active user, both on the Miitopia Wiki and this one and a helpful and active contributor, including excellent pages and helping others.

    I hope this wiki can become better with two bureaucrats. Welcome Jewelraffe to the stage Miitopia Fanon Wiki Staff!

    Jewelraffe, in case you did not want to be a bureaucrat, just remove yourself; nothing wrong …

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  • Jewelraffe

    Who Wants Custom Enemies?

    December 29, 2017 by Jewelraffe

    Hello Miitopians! Got a new custom idea but want a pic for it? Well, you can commission me for the wonderful bargain of 0 coins and I can whip up one for you!

    I  can do things like:

    • Recolors
    • Franken-edits
    • ... Recolored franken-edits? :P
    • I can do monsters and bosses and I did some Grub for my Fiend's Call list.

    ... Yeah, I can do that. So, yeah, feel like helping some folks :D

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  • IsaiahScribblenauts

    Hello, I just started my Miitopia 2 fanon. I really like some help on it, so, if you want, you may come and edit it and help me

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  • Fanofkinopio

    Page names

    December 7, 2017 by Fanofkinopio


    If you are making a page (for example: list of grub, Slime, Cheesecake etc.), please call the page "item" then your username.


    • List of grub in Fanofkinopio's Fanon
    • Slime (Fanofkinopio)
    • Cheesecake (Fanofkinopio)

    This is only to make pages cleaner rather than having shared pages which could be confusing.

    Thank you! (If you've read up to here)

    --Regards, Andy 07:56, December 7, 2017 (UTC)

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