The Caster is a new job that specializes in weathering attacks and dealing magical damage while also providing moderate healing.

  • Their preferred weapons are Umbrellas, which attack a single enemy only. They boost attack and magic equally.
  • Their preferred equipment is called Coats.


Stats Level 1 Level 50 Level 50 w/max grub and max armor
HP 12 255 354
MP 7 121 220
Attack 4 80 280
Magic 9 120 320
Defense 5 81 360
Speed 6 61 160


Skill Name Learned at MP Cost Description Extra Notes
Frost Level 4 4 "Blast an enemy with a burst of wintry cold." (magic) Basic magic attack with a 10% chance of freezing the target. Bosses can't be frozen.
Healing Drizzle Level 8 8 "Sprinkle an ally with a cloud of life-giving rain." (magic) Also heals negative status effects. Can be used on self.
Splash Guard Level 12 4 "Protect against inclement weather with your trusty umbrella." (auto) Halves damage from single-target magic attacks. Can also activate to protect an ally, in which case friendship between the two is raised.
Icicle Level 16 16 "Skewer enemies with a spray of ice." (magic) Attacks the targeted enemy and any adjacent enemies. Has a 25% chance of freezing all affected enemies.
Healing Downpour Level 20 24 "Shower the whole team with a torrent of life-giving rain." (magic) A group heal that also removes all negative status effects. Raises friendship with a random Mii.
Blizzard Level 24 32 "Tear up the battlefield with an icy assault." (magic) Strikes all enemies and has a 50% chance of freezing all of them.
Sunny Day Level 28 36 "Clear up the sky and boost everyone's mood." Gives all allies the 'Touched' status (puts them in a good mood). Doesn't affect the caster. Doesn't work on frozen or petrified allies.