The classic support role. Tends to the party’s injuries with divine magic.
The Cleric is a Miitopia class that appears in Miitopia: Fiend's Call.


The Cleric is a master healer who boasts techniques influenced by the divine... and that's it. However, nobody exceeds their healing power and also have attacking options, especially against evil enemies.

  • Their preferred weapons are Staffs.
  • Their preferred equipment are Vestments.


Cleric's stats are unchanged aside from gaining 4 more Speed.

Lv. 1 Lv.50 Lv. 50, best equipment,

& max food buffs

HP 10 208 307
MP 8 164 263
Attack 8 71 364
Magic 7 185 482
Defense 5 67 314
Speed 15 112 211


Revival skills have been changed. They have a 30% chance of working correctly. If it fails, it instead revives the Mii with 1 HP and the Aged effect. Aura has also been nerfed and is learned earlier. The old version is renamed Great Aura.

New skills are in bold.

Skill Learned MP Cost Description Extra Notes
Cure Lv. 1 3 "Restore HP with the power of prayer. (magic)"
Calm Lv. 3 9 "Bring the whole team to their senses with a soothing spell. (magic)" Removes all debuffs.
Resurrection Lv. 7 12 "Revive a fallen friend using curative powers. (magic)" Restores with 1/4 HP.
Aura Lv. 10 10 "Radiant light harms an enemy. (magic)" Deals x2 damage to Imps, Lords and enemies with 'Dark' in their names.
Righteous Anger Lv. 12 19 "Dispatch an enemy with the light of absolute justice. (magic)" 50% chance to OHKO normal enemies.
Mega Cure Lv. 15 12 "Restore a great amount of HP to a friend with divine light. (magic)"
Panacea Lv. 20 18 "Bathe the party in a gentle light, restoring everyone's HP. (magic)"
Giga Cure Lv. 25 20 "Restore an enormous amount of HP with radiant light. (magic)"
Giga Resurrection Lv. 30 25 "Revive a fallen friend with a sizable amount of HP. (magic)" Never fails and revives with 1/2 HP.
Great Aura Lv. 35 33 "Bombard an enemy with light for great damage. (magic)" Same effect as Aura.
Giga Panacea Lv. 40 40 "Bathe the party in radiant light, greatly restoring everyone's HP. (magic)"
Judgment Lv. 45 All "Call the favor of the Guardian to smite the enemy side! (magic)" Always Instant-Kills all enemies, except bosses.
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