The Cosmonaut is a Mii character who appears in Cosmic Duels as a major character.


The Mii him/herself is deicded by the player, but the Cosmonaut wears a white astronaut suit with a helmet, which opens when the Cosmonaut interacts with the player, showing the Mii's face. A generic space badge in pinned to the suit and the arm has a small blue flag with a Mii icon on it.


The Cosmonaut's quests are the main backbone of the DLC pack, with each one having a specific objective. A region's quests are only available if the region is accessible.

If the objective of the region quests are cleared before the hero speaks to the Cosmonaut, it will be completed immediately.

Quest Name Region Description/Objective Notes
Prove Yourself Greenhorne Show the Cosmonaut that you prove you are strong enough to start facing off against the Otherworldly Foes!
  • Save the Royal Family!
Defeat General "Princess"
Alien Vermin! Greenhorne The first enemy that has appeared is an unidentified rodent-like creature. Head to the Nightmare Tower once more!
!ooM Neksdor There have been reports of eerie sounds resembling a cow at night. These could point to another... 'visitor'.
  • Journey through Neksdor!
Defeat Pharaoh "Genie"
Next Fiend! Neksdor The sounds have been traced to the Great Pyramid! Head to the back of the Pyramid and look around!
Flower Power Realm of the Fey Wierd purple spores have been found in the atmosphere. Another alien is here!
  • Explore the Realm of the Fey!
Save the Fab Fairies
Deathly Spores Realm of the Fey Citrus has been found on the spores! The enemy is within the Citrus Cave! Stop the polluter!
An Evil Break Karkaton The Dark Lord is not related to these aliens, but he/she still has to be defeated! Return when that's done!
  • Defeat the Dark Lord!
Horns of Evil Karkaton The Darker Lord is a grave threat... and so is the red Hobgoblin(?) taking residence in the Volcano!
Stay Aloft Nimbus Nimbus is a perfect place to view space... and those creatures. Why not investigate the Sterile Plant for now?
  • Help the Scientist!
Collect the Skyscraper Jewel
False Angel Nimbus The clearing of the Sterile Plant awoke a dormant alien... defeat it before it attacks the surface!
Peculiar Realm Peculia A strange land whose hills look like ice cream and everything smells eerie, perfect for an alien to hide in!
  • Get the Skyscraper Jewel!
Defeat the "Traveler" Woof-'o'-the-Wisp
Sound of Madness Peculia The alien has come out and started performing. The sound of it is driving the fauna crazy! To Eerie Road!
Chilling Effects Powdered Peaks The highest points in Miitopia... the best vantage point for an alien! Help your client then come back!
  • Get the Skyscraper Jewel!
Defeat the Yeti
Cryotherapy Powdered Peaks Miis have already been frozen after trying to cool down with the alien! Climb Tschilly Peak!
Seawards Galados Isle The Darker Lord is defeated, but Ziasma is still free! Unlock the way into the depths of the island!
  • Explore Galados Isle!
Unlock Uncharted Galados
Reaper's Scythe Galados Isle A blue scythe-wielding nemesis has invaded the Grotto and is slaying all the monsters! Defeat it!
Final Call New Lumos Ziasma is here... unlock the way to the District boss and then return down that path once more!

After defeating the mastermind behind the invasion, the Otherworldly Foes' quests will reappear and can be re-accepted and replayed endlessly, making the Foes rematch-able.

Meeting Alienna

After completing 'False Angel', the party and the Cosmonaut will be interrupted by Alienna, a humanoid alien who will introduce herself as being the kind ruler of Otherworld then states that an evil Otherworlder known as Ziasma is the cause of the invasion. The Cosmonaut and the hero agree that Ziasma should be defeated.


  • A Cosmonaut is another term for an Astronaut and is what Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space was called.