Devious is a fanon personality. It is sneaky and crooked, but uses its evil tricks against the enemy... most of the time.


Quirk name Description Activation rate
Don't Flinch!

If an enemy goes before the Mii, they might run up and 'attack' without hitting the enemy, skipping their turn and lowering their guard.


There is a low chance of this Mii going at the start of battle instead of at their intended turn. Always fails if they go first anyway.

Snatch Like Cadge, if the Devious Mii would normally eat an HP Banana or MP Candy, they may instead steal one off another Mii without asking. This raises Resentment. Never activates if no other Mii has snacks. 15%
"Surrender" Acts like a Kind Mii's Spare, but if the enemy accepts, the Devious Mii deals a critical hit to the monster. The failed outcome causes Resentment.
The monster has a 75% chance of accepting, 100% if the Mii didn't damage the monster beforehand. Doesn't activate against bosses.
Already Crooked Devious Miis cannot be given the Evil status. The fail message is 'Already Crooked!' 100%