The Dragon is a new job that specializes in physical attacks.

  • Their preferred weapons are Tails (basically whips), which attack all enemies, though the strength weakens as it goes down the line. They boost attack exclusively.
  • Their preferred equipment is called Scales.


Stats Level 1 Level 50 Level 50 w/max grub and best armor
HP 12 300 399
MP 6 60 159
Attack 10 115 454
Magic 5 50 149
Defense 9 96 420
Speed 4 40 139


Skill Name Learned at MP Cost Description Extra Notes
Fierce Roar Level 6 6 "Let out a fearful roar that may frighten a foe." (physical) A single-target skill that can cause the 'Scared' status effect. Bosses cannot be scared.
Slayer's Tail Level 9 9 "Brutally swing your tail down onto an enemy." (physical)
Tailwind Level 12 12 "Blow in a wind of fortune for allies and a world of trouble for foes." Buffs the party's speed while lowering the speed of all enemies for a few turns. When used against Fiends and Terror Fiends, it brings their speed down to match that of the fastest party member. When used against Rare Snurps and Very Rare Snurps, it keeps them from fleeing.
Twin Dragon Lash Level 18 18 "Brandish your tail to beat down all enemies twice." (physical) The attack first moves right to left, then left to right. Damage resets back to full between the two swings.
Shed Skin Level 21 9 "Drop the weight of dead scales to relieve some stress." (auto) Gets rid of behavior-based status effects (ex. Crying, Laughter, Angry).
Roost Level 25 15 "Take a break from flying and rest, restoring HP."
Tyrant's Roar Level 30 30 "Release a ferocious roar that may leave the whole battlefield shaking." (physical) May cause the 'Scared' status to all enemies.