Dread Fiends are an even stronger(!) variation of Fiends.

Due to their threat, they are very rarely encountered and almost never in standard encounters. They are completely avoidable, meaning the only time it has to be seen is if the party want to add it into the Journal.

They use the 'Boss Enemy' intro SFX.


They are silver-faced Terror Fiends with a third eye, blood-red pompadour and dual-wielded scythes. Its mist is also noticably redder and its grunts are deeper.


During quests, rarely the party will meet a suspicious purple version of the RPS Robot from the Arcade in an Event. Its rewards are 4x better than the Arcade's rewards, but loss results in facing a Dread Fiend.

Sometimes, Quests will have an optional path labelled 'Dangerous Route'. This path will contain rare Grub and lots of gold, but has a high chance of containing Terror Fiends or a Dread Fiend.


Action name Description
Scythe Inflicts 999 damage on 1 Mii. Used on first turn and every other action after.
Morbid Aura Has a chance of inflicting Fear on all Miis, with a 50% chance on each.
Slice Combo Slices 3 random Miis with its blades, dealing damage.
Dreadful (auto) Attacks twice per turn. Its first attack is Scythe and the second is either Morbid Aura or Slice Combo.