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Fab Fairy Frolic (or FFF for short) is a platformer/shmup game made by CrazyMew37 and Jewelraffe. This game is for the Nintendo Switch. It is a spin-off title of the original Miitopia.


The game takes place in the Mixed-up Realm, which is like Miitopia, but in an alternate universe where the fairies and elves have shrunk. The Dark Lord has also shrunk, and due to their size, they behave like bugs (such as being slowed by water, due to the weight) and can freely fly (most of the time).

Characters (Player)

Players 1-3

  • The Youngest Fab Fairy, who has high FS (Flight Speed), but has below-average HP and likes Sweet Grub.
  • The Middle Fab Fairy who has a low BR (Bow Range) and likes Savoury Grub.
  • The Eldest Fab Fairy, who has below-average FS, but has high HP and likes Plant (Snurp Radish, Iceberg Salad, etc.) grub.

Player 4

  • The Mischievous Witch (Isn't see-able except when she gives you a potion, a boost, or a prank)



During a normal day at the Elven Retreat, the Fab Fairies were busy training for if the Dark Lord struck. At that point however, the Dark Lord appeared earlier than expected before the Hero Miis could arrive. To ensure that the Fairies stay out of his way (and to scare the heroes), the Dark Lord used his power to banish them to another realm.

When the Fairies wake up, they find that they are seemingly still in Miitopia, but not everything is the same... the new realm has shrunk them and Miis are trespassing the Retreat! The Fairies, seeing no heroes around, took up the roles themselves (and recruited the Witch, who was still mischievous) and set out to do one thing; to defeat the Dark Lord themselves.

The Fairies begin to head down South of the Retreat, fighting a few monsters along the way, and avoiding the Miis from catching them via hiding from objects. When they start to head West, towards Citrus Cave, the stages start to become longer, since the path was originally short in the Fab Fairies' original timeline. They soon encounter a mean Hobgoblin guarding the entrance of Citrus Cave. The Fairies eventually defeat the Hobgoblin and then enter the Citrus Cave.


Fab Fairy Frolic

Youngest Fab FairyMiddle Fab FairyEldest Fab FairyMischievous Witch

Realm of the Fey
Elven Retreat
Training RangeRetreating South
Realm of the Fey (West)
Dewlit PathHeading West!The Long WalkSmelling Citrus!Trek to the Cave
Citrus Cave
Citrus Cave: MouthStepping StonesCitrus GorgeNarrow SqueezeEchoing CroaksCave's End

Forest GoblinPomTwerkeyApple JellySnailOrange ButterflyJuicy MoleLureshroomApple SlimeCitrustad
Mouthy TomatoPom PomMiiOwletBansheeHobgoblinDemon SpiderSummer BreezeCitrus GriffinPom Pom PomEyes-on-OrangeJuicy Frog


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