Fried Harpies are enemies found in Snurps.

They appear in the Goblin Depths. They appear in either solo or duo formations. Deeper down, they sometimes appear in trios.

If not finished off with a water attack, they will rebirth themselves once and restore 100 HP.


Fried Harpies are orange harpies with a Mii's nose and eye on it. Its wings are lighter than its body.


Action Description
Divebomb "Fried Harpy divebombed <Target>!"
Harpy bashes into a Snurp from above, dealing damage.
Rebirth "Fried Harpy rebirthed itself!"
Upon death, the Harpy explodes into ash and reforms, healing 100 HP and removing any status effects. Only usable once. If the Harpy is killed by ailment or water damage, it will not rebirth.