The Medidrone is a robot fanon monster with two versions, a 'normal' V1 form and a 'boss' V2 form.

Medidrones are able to spawn after beating 10 Realm of the Fey quests (except Snurp quests), with V1 rarely appearing in completed stages and V2 being able to appear as a quest boss.

Unlike the other drones, Medidrones replace 1 random enemy instead of the entire formation.


Medidrones bear shiny purple armor with a Mii's face (sans mouth) attached to its white disc. The tip of its blasters are green.

V1 resembles a Brand-New Robot and V2 is based off the Robo-"Mii". V2 also has a second form resembling V1. Both versions also have an upward aura of light that trails after them.


Medidrones possess healing and buffing skills to aid any present enemies. It is notable in that it changes its moveset if every other enemy is dead.

Actions (V1)

Action name Description
Cure Used if with allies.
Restores 100 HP to 1 living enemy.
Smack Used if alone.
Drives into a Mii for light damage.

Actions (V2)

Action name Description
Punch Used if alone.
Punches two Miis, dealing damage.
Amethyst Lazer Used if alone.
Fires a powerful purple Lazer, dealing heavy damage to target Miis. Switches to charging form.
Target If accompanied by allies, targets all living allies. If alone, targets two Miis.
Cure Wave Used if with allies.
Restores 100 HP to all living enemies.
Healing Lazer Used if with allies.
Recovers all targeted enemies' HP and removes status effects. Switches to charging form.
Idle In charging form, the drone does nothing.
Recharged! After 2 turns, switches to main form.

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