The Medusa is a monster/boss in Fiend's Call that appears in the Arid Frontier as a boss replacing the boss Griffin. It is a weaker I, Medusa as it appears early.


This monster's scales are a teal color while the body is purple-tinged.


The story progresses as normal, except that the beast that assaults the Prince of Neksdor is a Medusa.

Enemy statistics

Fiend's Call Enemy Medusa
Image HP Attack Defense Magic Speed Locations Drops
175 45 15 0 12 Neksdor Desert Rock Candy
Rock Candy ★


Action name Description
Attack Inflicts physical damage on one Mii.
Petrify Has a 50% chance of Petrifying 1 Mii for 3 turns.
Scary Face Inflicts fear on a party member.
Once More! (auto) Attacks twice per turn.

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