The Mimic Eye is an enemy which disguises as other enemies. If it is hit by any attack, it drops its disguise.

The enemies it can copy are any enemy that can be found in that area, so Mimic Eyes in Peculia will disguise as Peculia enemies ect.

A Mimic Eye never mimics Dopplers or Mii bosses.

Mimic Eyes appear in the fanon Fiend's Call, not notably in the Labyrinth of Fear masquerading as four Terror Fiends.


The Mimic Eye will appear identical to the enemy it's disguised as, including the name and animations. When its disguise is blown, it is a small white wisp with a single black pupil and three tails, with a tuft of white ectoplasm on top.

It pulses and quivers, with its eye looking back and forth.


Mimic eyes may rarely replace any enemy in a non-boss formation after obtaining the Vampire Charm.

If the party gets the 'Monster' outcome at the Campfire, the party may rarely be attacked by four 'Terror Fiends' which are actually Mimic Eyes.


Mimic Eyes copy the abilities of its disguise and its stats are determined by the disguised enemy's stats. Its disguised form has a few properties that may give it away;

  • Its disguise cannot be Instant-Killed.
  • It is immune to status effects.
  • No damage numbers appear upon being hit.

A special case is if a Mimic Eye copies a (Terror) Fiend to fake-out and scare the player; its scythe attack will deal 42 damage.

Actions (Disguise Blown)

Action name Description
Bump Bumps into and deals damage to 1 Mii. Has a 50% chance to cause Fear.
Shriek Shrieks at the party and has a 20% chance to sealing the skills of each Mii.
Mimic (auto) The Mimic Eye keeps the ability of its disguise, such as "Once More!"

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