Pom Poms are enemies in Fab Fairy Frolic.

Pom Poms are Poms that merged with another Pom and became tougher as a result.

One appears as the boss of Retreating South


Pom Poms are two green dandelion seeds with black thorns and two Mii eyes.


  • Pom Poms are floaty like the singular version but they can float upwards too.
  • If a fairy moves under the Pom Pom, it will drill down at a bit of a quicker speed than a Pom.
  • The boss version moves quickly and can seperate.
    • While apart, the can do a pincer movement from either the side or above and below a fairy, thorns facing them. They can be evaded simply by getting out of the way.
    • Their HP is shared while apart and they rejoin when they meet in the middle of the attack, hit or not.

Their common drop is the Fluffy Marshmallow and has an uncommon chance of dropping a Fluffy Marshmallow ★.

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