The Psydrone is a robot fanon monster with two forms it can appear in, a 'normal' V1 form and a 'boss' V2 form.

Psydrones can appear after finishing 10 Peculia quests, with V1 rarely appearing in completed stages and V2 being able to appear as a quest boss.


Psydrones are bubblegum pink with an unknown substance dripping out of its arms. It bears a third 'eye' on its metal head.

V1 resembles a Brand-New Robot and V2 resembles a Robo-"Mii". V2 also has a second form where it is shaped like the V1.


Psydrones are physically not very strong but they drive their enemies to madness using countless effects at its disposal. It can read memories and exploit them.

This drone has no charging form, so it simply can't use its lazer attack again for 5 turns. The 'Charged!' message still appears, signifying its recharge.

The V2 drone randomly uses its 'Memory' attacks but won't repeat them until it uses Delirous Lazer, resetting it.

Actions (V1)

Action name Description
Peculiar Smack Drives into a Mii for light damage. Has a 20% chance to Freeze, Burn or Paralyze a Mii.

Actions (V2)

Action name Description
Greenhorne Memory Affects 1 Mii with Charm, admiring the robot on the Mii's turn then the robot punches the admirer.
Neksdor Memory Affects 1 Mii with the Pharaoh's Curse. The Mii gives a HP Banana to the robot. The headdress is bright pink.
Faerie Memory Affects 1 Mii with Spiders. The spiders are pink and deals minor damage. May prevent attacking but can still choose an action.
Karkaton Memory Affects 1 Mii with Burning. The Mii takes damage every turn and doesn't attack or use skills.
Powdered Memory Affects 1 Mii with Frozen. That Mii cannot use any action until the effect wears off or is hit by Fire attacks.
Otherworld Memory Affects 1 Mii with Aged. The Mii is weakened and becomes an old man/woman.
Target After executing all Memory attacks at least once, targets 3 Miis with its lazer.
Delirious Lazer Fires a powerful pink lazer at the target Miis, dealing light damage and randomly causing any of the following: Burn, Freeze, Paralysis, Fearful, Spiders, Petrified or Aged. Miis that already have an ailment will have it overwritten.
Once More! (auto) The boss can attack twice per turn.

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