Royal Scorpion is a new boss in Miitopia Reloaded. It appears at the end of the Underground Labyrinth after the Prince of a Nearby Land has his face stolen, and must be defeated to gain the Mouth Jewel. It's about triple the size of a regular Scorpion, plated with gold metal and studded with rubies.

In the post game, this enemy can appear as a Quest boss in Quests located in Neksdor, and as such has higher stats there.

Attack List

  • Attack: The Royal Scorpion strikes a Mii with its stinger.
  • Wide Slash: The Royal Scorpion swings its stinger in a wide arc, striking the whole party.
  • Poison Sting: The Royal Scorpion strikes a Mii with its stinger, inflicting the 'Poison' status.
  • Call for Help: The Royal Scorpion calls for a monster ally to assist it. During the initial fight, the ally called will be a Metal Scorpion. During a Quest, it will be a Moldy Mummy. Only two allies can be called.
  • One More Time! (auto): The Royal Scorpion uses two actions in one turn.