The Shining Butterfly is a Shining Boss added in Miitopia: Fiend's Call. They may appear as the boss of very rare 'EXTREME' quests.

If it is defeated, its gold parts count as 5 Mii parts.


Shining Butterflies are all-gold Butterflies with a shing mist emerging from them. Their Mii parts are golden eyes, eyebrows and a mouth.


It can summon supports into battle. These supports drop no Mii parts, grub, gold or EXP.

Action name Description
Slam Rams a Mii, dealing high damage.
Golden Mist Deals damage to the whole party.
Butterfly Backup Summons a Black Butterfly into battle. Not used if there are 4 already.
Butterfly Beatup Strikes a Mii. All Butterflies in battle also attack the Mii at once.
Once More! (auto) This enemy can act twice in one turn.
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