The Shining Queen is a Shining Boss added in Miitopia: Fiend's Call. They may appear as the boss of very rare 'EXTREME' quests.

It is faced with two Angry Queens.

If it is defeated, its gold parts count as 5 Mii parts.


Shining Queens are mythical gold Queens with two gold female Mii eyes.


Action name Description
Attack Rams a Mii for high damage.
Impale Rams a Mii with her spike with full force. This move instantly kills if the Mii has less than 50% HP.
Restore A veil of light rids the enemy team of all negative effects and heals small amounts of HP.
Light Wall Deals lots of Light damage to all Miis, with a chance of causing Flashed, which halves accuracy.
Queen's Fury Unleashes a powerful flash which deals x0.1 damage to all Miis for every level of gear held. For instance, Miis with Legendary Gear (which is #29) would take x2.9 damage. This move them cannot be used for 4 turns.
Once More! (auto) This enemy can act twice in one turn.
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