The Shining Sage is a Shining Boss added in Miitopia: Fiend's Call. They may appear as the boss of very rare 'EXTREME' quests but only after defeating any 5 previous Shining Bosses.

Quests ending in the Shining Sage will have a gold sparkle on its icon.

If it is defeated, its gold parts count as 5 Mii parts.


The Shining Sage is a golden Sage with a gold mist surrounding it. It possesses a single gold Mii eye and mouth.

Extra Actions

This boss has a pool of moves it only uses in response to certain classes. As such, its skills depend on your party.

Up to four (or five if you have a guest) of these actions will be added to its normal attacks (under 'Actions').

Skill Description
Reflect Erects a purple shield which bounces attack magic back at the caster.
* If party contains a Mage.
Heal Break A demonic glare prevents the party from using any healing skills for 3 turns.
* If party contains a Cleric or Flower.
Ammo Drain Steals the target Mii's ammo, preventing Tanks from attacking and Elves from using Arrow skills for 3 turns.
* If party contains a Tank or Elf.
Supply Poison Uses a foul gas that reverses the effects of Chefs' food skills and Scientists' flask skills for 3 turns. Reversed healing skills cause resentment and damage if used.
* If party contains a Chef or Scientist.
Counter Goes last. At the end of the turn, deals damage to 2 random Miis equal to the damage it took this turn.
* If party contains a Warrior or Cat.
Holy Smite Smites an Imp or Vampire, instantly killing them unless they have a barrier. Vampires killed this way cannot auto-revive and must be revived another way.
* If party contains an Imp or Vampire.
Revolt Causes every other Mii to have a quarrel against the target Pop-Star or Princess for 3 turns.
* If party contains a Pop-Star or Princess.


Action name Description
Pillar of Flame Deals massive fire damage to 1 Mii and has a 50% chance of dealing a Burn to that Mii.
Thunder Strikes two random Miis with thunder.
Frost Attacks 1 Mii and adjacent Miis in an ice wall, with a 30% chance of freezing each.
Giga Explosion Casts Giga Explosion to deal massive damage to the whole party.
Sage's Verdict (auto) If the Sage is not killed with the element it last used (Fire, Ice, Volt or none), the killer instantly dies. The EXP reward is also reduced to 1/10th.
Once More! (auto) This enemy can act twice in one turn.

The move Sage's Verdict is only threatening if only 1 Mii is standing or if the party is trying to avoid any deaths.

If the last-used skill was not elemental, using an element will trigger Sage's Verdict.

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