Swift as the wind, with a repertoire of skills designed to trap enemies and rob them.
The Thief is a Miitopia class that appears in Miitopia: Fiend's Call.


The Thief is a master pilferer and specializes in traps, multi-hit skills and of course, stealing.

  • Their preferred weapons are Daggers.
  • Their preferred equipment is Thief Gear.


In Fiend's Call, Thieves lose 30 Magic but gain 1 Defense point.

Lv. 1 Lv. 50 Lv. 50, best equipment,

& max food buffs

HP 10 258 357
MP 5 83 182
Attack 8 62 351
Magic 2 52 151
Defense 6 94 400
Speed 12 120 219


New skills are in Bold.

Skill Learned MP Cost Description Extras Notes
Booby Trap Lv. 3 2 "Place a trap before you to interrupt and counter an enemy attack. Protects against physical hits and strength is equal to Thief's attack.
Pilfer Lv. 5 5 "Attempt to steal snacks from enemies. Doesn't always work." Steals an HP Banana or MP Sweet and cannot pilfer the same enemy twice. Unlike the original game, if the Thief already has 2 Bananas or 1 Sweet, stolen Bananas or Sweets will be given to allies until everyone is filled up.
Backflip Lv. 7 - "Occasionally dodge enemy attacks. (auto)" Can now dodge single-target magic as well as physical hits.
Whirlwind Blade Lv. 10 8 "Dance like the wind, slicing and dicing many enemies in your path." Hits 3 times against random enemies. Assists will add +1-3 hits.
Steal Lv. 13 5 "Snatch an enemy's prized grub for yourself." Identical to Cat's Steal Grub but has the caption 'Stolen!'.
Sneak Attack Lv. 15 7 "Hide behind an enemy and catch them unawares for great damage." The Thief cannot be interacted with until it finishes. Now deals double damage.
Phantom Strike Lv. 20 15 "Hit the enemy over and over again with a phantasmal flurry of attacks." Hits all opponents randomly 6 times. Now, if it kills an enemy mid-attack, it will not try to hit it again.
Enemy Trap Lv. 25 20 "Put a trap in front of one enemy, so they're trapped no matter who they target!" Zaps the enemy if they use a single-target move.
Huge Trap Lv. 28 10 "Put a big trap in front of the whole party to counter enemy attacks." Identical to Booby Trap, but protects the whole party. Raises friendship if the enemy attempts to hit an ally. Damage done by the trap is dependant on the Attack of the Mii being targeted, not the Thief.
Rock Rain Lv. 35 20 "Cause a landslide of rocks to fall from above, crushing the enemy."
Pitfall Lv. 45 35 "Attempts to drop an enemy down a hidden pit. Fails against fliers." Has a 50% chance of dropping the target down a hole, removing them from battle. Fails if the enemy flies or floats (like Harpies, UFOs or Orochis).
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