Twerkeys are enemies in Fab Fairy Frolic.


Twerkeys are turkeys with red feathers, orange beak and feet, antenna and a massive rear with a Mii's mouth on it.


Twerkeys take less damage if shot in the buttocks or tailfeathers and take full damage if shot in the head or front. Buttshots will make it flinch and headshots will cause it to fall over for a couple seconds.

  • Twerkeys start off standing normally but when they spot the fairy, they turn around and will walk backward toward the fairy.
  • If they get close, the Twerkey leaps and tries to ram them with its butt.
  • Twerkeys also possess a 'tease' (read: fart) attack which they use if they're close after using its bum rush. It has limited range and easy to dodge. This causes Anger if it hits.

The Anger effect is also caused if the Twerkey successfully rams a fairy.

Their common drop is the Turkey Curry.

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