Volt Slimes are enemies found in Snurps.

They first appear in Charja Sands in the overworld section. Sometimes, it appears alongside Electric Scorpions.

Appearance Edit

Volt Slimes are bright yellow slimes that sometimes spark with electric power. It has a round Mii eye and Mii grinning mouth.

Battle Edit

Volt Slimes are very durable for this point in the game but they're very weak attackers. Their Slime Throw can be crippling, but their Paralysis wears off after a few turns.

Action Description
Bash "Volt Slime bashed the group!"
The Volt Slime rams the party, dealing Electric damage to 3 Snurps.
Slime Throw "Volt Slime flung slime at Snurps!"
The Volt Slime flings slime at 5 random tagets and has a 80% chance of Paralyzing targets.